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About the flavourites project

For the first time ever, Cadbury has launched a music album made up of nine unique soundtracks, each designed to enhance your chocolate eating experience of the different flavour varieties in its Cadbury Dairy Milk range

Composed by the London Contemporary Orchestra, each track on the album has been inspired by real consumer insights into how flavour experiences can be enhanced by different sounds

In a consumer experiment carried out by MindLab, a neuromarketing company specialising in the testing of implicit, non-conscious decision making, it was revealed that the following sounds best complement each of the nine CDM bars:

  • Crunchie Bits: a high-pitched, bright tone, with a lot of rhythmical modulations
  • Caramel: a smooth sound with very few rhythmical variations and relatively moderately pitched
  • Daim: a very bright sound with consistent pulsing throughout with higher pitched notes layered on top.
  • Dairy Milk: a mellow, continuous, low-pitched sound, lacking in any harmonic content
  • Fruit & Nut: a sound that sits at the border between soft and bright, with a medium pitch and average rhythmic quality
  • Jelly popping candy: the brightest and most rhythmical sound
  • Oreo: the sound is the highest pitched one of them all but with a moderate rhythm
  • Rocky Mallow Road: a less rhythmical, and another mellow sound
  • Whole nut: a positive sound with a lot of rhythm variations

These sounds were captured as individual music stems by MindLab and then used by the London Contemporary Orchestra as the basis for each musical composition. This means that when consumers eat their favourite CDM bar and listen to the corresponding musical accompaniment, the unique sounds in each of the nine tracks enhance their taste experience and the joy they feel when eating the bar is increased.